Studio Speck

The name says it all ~ this is my studio workspace. This is a place that I can test out ideas, house my collection of antiques and curiosities, as well as run my design business. Rooms get repainted whenever the whim hits me, furniture gets rearranged whenever a new piece is added, art is constantly being rotated, as well as generated. My main work area is designed with a nod to the old salon rooms of Paris. High ceilings, salon style art hanging, towering plants, multiple chandeliers, and eclectic furnishings are centered around a vintage stone fireplace. Unlike most of my commissions, this space allows me the freedom to design each room with an entirely unique style. My entry is a modern space that is completely white (I have wanted a “white room” since I was a little girl watching Ann Margaret dance around her glamorous white room in the film “Tommy”). The powder room is distinctively Art Deco. The loft dressing area is European glam complete with an Italian gilded and mirrored dressing table. In this studio ~ I feel like the artist walking inside her own still life.