annieBorn in Niagara Falls, New York, Annie attended Notre Dame University where she studied psychology before heading west and settling into the Southern California lifestyle.  Her childhood love for art and architecture drew her into the world of interior design.  After ten years of apprenticing with some of the best designers in Los Angeles, Annie decided to move to Laguna Beach and in 2000 she founded Annie Speck Interior Designs, which has grown into a full service Interior Design firm.

Her background in psychology has provided an unexpected strength in the world of design.  Understanding how to communicate with clients, mediate with couples and tailor questions to uncover the essence of what a client is looking for in the design of their home, are the cornerstones to creating the perfect environment that reflects the client’s taste and lifestyle.

A passion for travel and an obsession with photography enables Annie to keep her designs current, yet at the same time infused with history.  Her main goal is to create spaces that are timeless ~ something that in 10 years from now, still look fresh and classic.

Interior Design has always been for me a cross between fineart and applied art. It is essentially a walk-in still life.  For example, the technique in which a painter places objects on a table to paint, I also carefully select and arrange each and every item in a room. The spaces in between and the items that get edited out, become just as important as those that are chosen.”

~  Annie Speck